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Temperature controlled and DGR/ PERISHABLES

High value service / dangerous service / hand carry service

The demand has been increasing for low temperature chain control, as it applies to pharmaceutical, chemical or food products. This is handled by our temperature controlled shipping services.

Nippon Express Portugal, S.A offers frozen cargo air shipping services, for perishables and and pharmaceutical products, and it adjust the shipping schedule to minimize losses in temperature control that could otherwise alter the cargo.

In our own facilities, Nippon Express can select among frozen versus perishable goods for shipping in appropriate packaging, such as dry ice and cold packs

Nippon Express Portugal, S.A also offers the possibility to transport high value cargo and dangerous cargo (DGR), all of them strictly supervised by our highly qualified staff.

Nippon Express issues DGR merchandise certificates for air shipments to every destination, whether they are small quantity samples or large and heavy loads. We analyse the technical specification sheet of each product, in order to comply with the IATA rules for shipment, and we also take care of any packaging adjustments to comply with flying norms, whenever possible.

Nippon Express Portugal, S.A also counts with a hand carry cargo service, handled by specialised staff, where at any time you know it´s exact location.